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How to select color temperature for retail store to raise up sales

How to select color temperature for retail store to raise up sales

Selecting the right color temperature for your retail store is very important. Lighting is everything in a retail store and the color temperature of your led light bulbs will determine how your prospective customers see your brands products. The choice of lighting creates either a cold or warm environment.

This is what makes retail tricky because you don't want to be too warm where your customer cannot see the detail of your products but at the same time you don't want to create a cold environment with a high color temperature.

Two goals should be considered when selecting your LED light bulbs for a retail store. First, you are setting the atmosphere for your store. Second, your lighting is assisting your customers with the selection of their products.

Your choice of color temperature may result in a sale or no sale. To save you a lot of trouble, for a retail store stay in the range of 3500K to 4100K and you will be just fine. If you own or manage a jewelry store, you may want to go up to 5000K to give the jewelry more of a bling bling effect. Keep the CRI 90+ and you're in business.


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